About Us

I have such fond memories of standing in front of my Mum's pinboard in her kitchen, asking who was who in the photo's she kept there. Scattered amongst the collection of school newsletters, reminders, birthday cards and hand written notes, the photos were priceless connections to our family & friends far across the ocean, in the days before the world wide web & video chat.

No surprise then that as my husband & I renovated our own home, that a pinboard would find it's way onto my study desk. But after a clumsy moment involving a toppled water bottle, it was left with a nasty stain. Searching for a new pinboard that was more than cardboard covered in felt and wasn't just functional but also beautiful, proved fruitless. So I did what any procrastinating, decor-loving girl would do: I re-covered my own.

And Pin It was born.

Founded from a love of all things beautiful, organised and functional, Pin It hopes to provide you with boards that will help to keep you organised and on target for your goal. To create a beautiful background for your vision board. A place to dream big. A space to write and journal. 

For you to become the you, that you were created to be.

Love & hugs